The Red Cliff Record

Here I’m bringing together the posts under the subheading, The Red Cliff Record.

It is a first attempt at an expression of something about as easy to capture as water in our hands.

It is an expression of this life lived here as a hermit in the forested hills of Catalonia, a post-secular philosophy and a Western adaptation of Zen.

I’m currently working on further expressions, building on these first attempts and the many handwritten notebooks of these years. Which I hope to begin publishing – I’m still struggling to find the appropriate form – in the coming months.

But until I do, I’d like to offer these as an idea of my direction of travel.

Taking Stock

There is no Confusion

Meister Eckhart

A Story

Begin Where You Are

Saying the Same Differently

The End of All Views

Deeper Than Truth

The Weight of Every Life


Word of No Word

1000 Foot Cliff


Laughing With Half Tail

Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ

The Bark of a Deer

Forest Soil


Really Saying It

Seeking Form

Putting It Down


Religious Heart

Nihilism 2

Nihilism 1

Zen is not a Religion

Sounding the Deep

Be a Light unto Yourself

No Zen Teachers

The Teaching of No Teaching

The Diamond Sutra


It Cannot be Said

Going Beyond God and self 2


Going Beyond God and self 1

Going Beyond Religion and Philosophy

The Noble Path IV

Nietzsche’s Koan: Eternal Recurrence

The Noble Path III

The Noble Path II

Eckhart and Zen

What is Zen?

The Noble Path I

The Red Cliff Record – An Introduction