Permaculture Documents

Here are a few Permaculture documents:

Bill Mollison – Permaculture Design Course

Bill Mollison – Seeds of Change Interview

Mollison – 2nd International PC Conference

Mollison – Forests Green Gifts from Gaia

PC – beginners guide to pc

Mollison – The Plowboy Interview

Bill Mollison – Permaculture Ecosystems – Francais

Bill Mollison – Introduction, Forets, Methode – Francais

Bill Mollison – Bosques – Espanol

Mollison – Turn Your Lawn into an Edible Landscape

Faulkner – Plowman’s Folly

Russell Smith – Tree Crops

Jean Giorno – The Man Who Planted Trees

Wendell Berry – The Idea of Local Economy

Jean Pain – Un Autre Jardin

Jean Pain – Another Garden

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