Agricultural Documents

I would like very much to express my gratitude to those people who have offered their time and knowledge in teaching me. While I cannot express just how greatly Fukuoka has affected the course and direction of my life, there are many others who have had considerable influence too. So, while I will always see Fukuoka as the familial patriarch, my grandfather, I know I must also adequately extend my gratitude to my agricultural mother, Emilia Hazelip, and also to two very different uncles: Bill Mollison and Marc Bonfils.

Therefore, I have gathered together some of their work in order to share with you just what it is they have said and done. This is not simply so that we may all learn another way of agriculture, or even another way of being, but so that we who are faced with the stark decisions of this moment, can learn from these great pioneers. They offer us the benefit of their experience so that we do not have to make the same mistakes and can thus find the right road with more ease and make quicker progress along it.

Natural Farming


Synergistic Agriculture

Natural Agriculture: Marc Bonfils

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