Zen Texts

Here are the basic texts of Zen Buddhism:

The Four Great (Bodhisattva) Vows

The Heart Sutra

Hsin Hsin Ming

The Chinese Zen Lineage Chart

The Zen Teachings of Rinzai (Linji)

Hakuin’s Comments on the Heart Sutra

Dogen’s Shobogenzo

DT Suzuki’s Manual of Zen Buddhism – including Gathas and Prayers, The Dharanis, The Heart Sutra, The Bodhisattva Sutra, The Diamond Sutra, Tha Lanakavatara Sutra, The Surangama Sutra…

1 Response to Zen Texts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jamie!
    I need to learn English, but this does not motivate me to study. But to read about zen motivates me, so I just downloaded Suzuki ‘s Manual of Zen Buddhism .
    Let’s see what happens!
    How are you? How is the cold autumn ?

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