This page will show the courses I’ll be giving here in Spain and elsewhere.

A Deeper Permacture: Fukuoka’s Koan 4 – 9 October, 2016, Mas Franch, Catalonia, Spain.

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I give courses in a basic English I have developed over the years, which has proved adequate to most people with a basic, school level English. I speak a little French and Spanish that might be enough to overcome some problems of comprehension. However, goodwill on both sides is all the expertise it usually takes.

Courses fall primarily into 3 types:

  1. Meditation – basic introduction to sitting and walking meditation. We then go deeper into dealing with those things that arise in meditation, using stories and ideas from many traditions (and Koans too!).

  2. Natural Farming (Fukuoka Farming). This course offers an in depth understanding of NF, not just in its agricultural form and principles, but in the experience that informs the path NF opens up in our lives. It covers cereal cultivation and forest gardening for temperate climates and the making and multiple uses of seedballs.

  3. An Introduction to Permaculture. This course gives an insight into the integrative, holistic approach of designing sustainable human habitats. It covers the basic design and techniques which have been shown to work both in PC designs and in indigenous peoples skills from around the world.

And, actually, there’s a fourth!

  1. I have also been working on an integration of Natural Farming and Permaculture, as outlined in this post,this one too and also here.

Indeed, it won’t come as a surprise to discover that the 3 main types are not distinct, separate subjects, but interpenetrate, the one informing the other in a cycle.