Problems and Answers

The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us

I have admired George Monbiot’s clarity of vision for many years. The above article expresses well this clarity, seeing destruction as destruction.

Having once been a young journalist, I find myself still drawn to the soap opera of newspaper and media coverage. The Guardian has always been and remains at the forefront of global news reportage. It is a distinct voice and one I hope will find its way through the dark forest of new forms of funding in this digital age.

But to return to the challenge George Monbiot poses; how do we make people see the world as it is and not as they or other people would like it to be seen?

The forces arrayed against seeing are great. Corporations, Governments and, yes, media organisations, are all to blame.

Monbiot is political in his analysis, rightly pointing his finger at all who attempt to draw a veil over the human destruction of the earth.

However, challenging this group or that, exposing the hidden power structures and especially opening ever new vistas of international conspiracy, are self-defeating.

The one and only possible solution to anthropogenic problems is what motivates each and every human being in everything they do.

Which is to say, clearly, until we take personal responsibility for our own desires which Governments, Corporations and media organisations manipulate for their own gain, no solution is possible.

It is no organisation that strips this planet bare, but our desires, each and every one of us.

Unless we turn inward to root out the cause of this infinite drive for consumption, nothing we do in outward change is going to work.

Seeing is doing. If we see through politicians, business or journalists eyes and not our own, nothing can change.

I do not know if enough of us are able to accept this responsibility, but I do know how it is possible for us to work toward this personal responsibility if we chose to take this path.

It is time for all people of good will to come together and, taking responsibility for themselves, enact the change that is then demanded by each moment.


About Jamie Nicol

Living in the forested hills of Catalonia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Zen teacher, recovering philosopher, small-scale natural farmer. Writing just what comes.
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