Singing the Song of the Sun

​Ah, rain, finally
Yesterday’s storm darkens the earth
Makes light of the air.

This new world shines
The luminous green forest
Spider silk in the sun.

Such early busyness
Hover flies here under the trees
What do they feed upon?

Already the heat of the young sun
Not yet a half hour old
Makes me take off my sweater.

And turn the bench about
Away from the sea horizon
And from the valley below Red Cliff.

Where the stray wisps of mist
Before sunrise
Thicken like dreams in the waking day.

A small aeroplane
Struggles through the yet thin air
While swifts vaunt the warming day’s thermal.

It sparkles, this life
Overflows the edges of this one being
And sweeps out across the vast cosmos.

The birds voice this surplus
Sing a paean to the growing day
Great wide earth of ever opening horizon.

I do not say, I cannot hope
But just let all this be
The fullness and wonder is not not me.


About Jamie Nicol

Living in the forested hills of Catalonia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Zen teacher, recovering philosopher, small-scale natural farmer. Writing just what comes.
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