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Opening the Way

Sitting on the bench, upon the decking, looking out from the sharp drop of Red Cliff, touched by the rising thermal from Falgo, I wonder at the many birds using the uplift to pass through the Collet de Trentinya nearby. … Continue reading

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Natural Farming Help

      European Bioregions It wasn’t until I moved to southern France in 1999 that I actually began to farm/garden. While still living in the most populated South East corner of England I’d begun to explore ideas of ‘downsizing’, happily discovering … Continue reading

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How to shoot straight?

Rain falls Mist rises Jade Spring. Sun shines Air clears Azure Summer. The sudden change Grey swirls green This forest grows on. Deep down things This pulse beats on Here in my chest… There is no ending When then the … Continue reading

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Taking the Path of Natural Farming

At the end if words there is silence. It does not matter where you begin. If you have the determination born of sincerity, then there is no barrier to you passing through the gateless gate. Philosophers, scientists, religious, artists, wherever … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about the course

As the previous posts might suggest, the impetus behind the giving of this course comes from the hope of clarifying Fukuoka’s Natural Farming. There have been many who have been inspired on reading The One-Straw Revolution to attempt their own … Continue reading

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Fukuoka’s Koan: The Paradox of Reason

It is very difficult today not to accept the growing evidence in areas such as ecology or even quantum physics that all is relationality. The world is an enormous complex system; how, really, can we hope to ever understand one … Continue reading

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Developing the Approach

I would like to take the opportunity over the coming days to develop the actual form of the way outlined briefly in the last post. While this form is closely allied to that outlined in Natural Farming, indeed, is no … Continue reading

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A Deeper Permaculture: Fukuoka’s Koan

We still tell ourselves the story of how human reason emerged out of the twilit world of myth 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, to then spread around the world so that today there is nowhere that the writ of … Continue reading

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