Life Passes


From without life passes
There is no agitation
It rolls and then stops
Unremarked and unremarkable.

From within life passes
All is passion and strife
It moves swiftly and yet ends
Unremarked and unremarkable.

Of course it is different
Some people’s memory lingers
But a generation, two?
And everyone is forgotten.

How our furious lives
Then are starkly revealed
A passing storm only
That perturbs not the day.

And yet life is irreducible
Our passing has weight
However infinitesimal
There is meaning in motion.

This few feet of nothingness
This fleeting existence
Does make connections
However brief and transient.

The changes come or not
When we try or not
Wishing good or not
Everything happens as it does.

But it would not be
Just what it was
Without this fragile being
Without this very self.

The Hermitage, Chapel Peak.


About Jamie Nicol

Living in the forested hills of Catalonia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Zen teacher, recovering philosopher, small-scale natural farmer. Writing just what comes.
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