RCR – The Noble Path IV – Self-Naughting

I have been playing around with the idea of nobility in the last few weeks, to try to reach the depths from which this nobility arises. Yet, it is impossible for words to reach this ever-giving source, the noble path begins in nobility and ends in nobility, it is a cycle and tautology proceeds from tautology!

Yet, nobility could just as easily be replaced by the word ‘giving’. Which might also be expressed; True giving is possible due to nobility and nobility is possible only by giving fully’.

Which then comes very close, perhaps so close as to be indistinguishable, from the cycle of the Six Paramitas:

1. Dana – giving
2. Sila – observance
3. Virya – perserverence
4. Kshanti – patience
5. Dhyana – meditation
6. Prajna – wisdom

For it can equally be said that nobility is also wisdom. It takes wisdom to take up the path and the culmination of the path is also wisdom.

The cycle of the Six Paramitas begins in giving (nobility) and ends in wisdom (nobility)…and then begins once again.

What then is the path of nobility, giving, wisdom? It is the path that is being recalled to us in the lives of the Buddha and Christ, not as perfections for us to lamely follow, but sharp reminders of what we are, what our inherent nature’s truly are.

To say plainly – but is this over-bold yet? – the path to be taken is that of self-naughting.

“If you could naught yourself for an instant,
indeed I say less than an instant, you would possess all that this is in itself. But
as long as you mind anything at all, you know no more of God than my mouth
knows of color or my eye of taste”

“When we give up all, we grow aflood with light, passing bright with God.”

“No one gets so much of God as the man who is thoroughly dead.”
St Gregory

“While alive, be dead,
Thoroughly dead –
All is good then,
Whatever you may do.”
Master Bunan

The path, whatever you may want to call it, has only one gate; die to oneself in order to live! We must give ourselves as a gift. By self-naughting we can undo the binds with which we have tied ourselves to a discriminating self, and release ourselves into a free flow of giving in and as everything we do.

Self-naughting is death to the ego self not to the greater Self. Self-naughting is the shrugging off of the poor fitting self we have unconsciously accepted to be ourselves so that we can reveal that Self we have always truly been.


About Jamie Nicol

Living in the forested hills of Catalonia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Zen teacher, recovering philosopher, small-scale natural farmer. Writing just what comes.
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