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Wild Fruit

It makes perfect sense to take what nature freely gives and stop working the soil until it is dead. Acorns are free, they are nutritionally more complete than any cereal, and they would enable – following the methods set out … Continue reading

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‘The Work’

It’s not that we don’t understand, it’s not that we don’t feel what we’re doing to the world. All the efforts of the ‘Green Movement’ reflect the very real and pressing concerns we all share and each one of us … Continue reading

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“The heart has it reason’s that reason knows nothing of”

The history of the past 50 years has shown that it does not matter what is prescribed to cure our global problems, or how they are prescribed. It also does not matter how rational they are, how closely they mirror … Continue reading

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A Provocation!

It has often be claimed that the Natural farming inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka is wonderful in principle but impossible in practice. Given the many disappointments followers of Fukuoka have discovered in their attempts at Natural Farming this would seem not … Continue reading

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The Questionworthy

What does truth have to do with it? “I am” Yes, but who are you? “I am me. He who knows. Through reason, through long discipline, through the control of the passions my eyes focused on the fixed forms of … Continue reading

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Boundaries? Words teeter on the brink of silence, life on the edge of death, being on the cusp of nothing… The Heart Sutra says; “Form is not different from emptiness, and emptiness is not different from form. Form itself is … Continue reading

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Saying the Same Otherwise

“Although I realized fifty years ago that human knowledge is useless and that there is nothing people should do, I spent the ensuing years foolishly searching for God, wandering around the periphery of God in the mistaken belief that there … Continue reading

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Can ‘It’ be Said?

Now, this is difficult to say! In both the One-Straw Resolution, serialised earlier in this blog, and in Masanobu Fukuoka’s inspirartional One-Straw Revolution, there is the very sharp demand that we realise that we are destroying the Earth – a … Continue reading

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The World Not Words Speak

The title of the last post might seem a little heavy-handed for what might seem simply the repetition of a central aspect of Martin Heidegger’s ‘turning’, away from the grounding activity of dasein toward the dispensations of be-ing itself (Seinsgeschichte). … Continue reading

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Devastation Speaks Devastation

We are relentless in our focus on beings, their manipulation and thus the control and domination of the physical world. Just look what we have wrought! Yet now, just as it would seem that our technological domination of the world … Continue reading

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