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The Natural Farming of Orchards

Natural Orchards     Yet, on the other hand, there always exists the possibility that an unusual fruit will arise from the seed. Indeed, why not multiply the joys of life by creating a natural orchard full of variety and … Continue reading

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The Natural Farming of Vegetables – Weeds Tell the Soil

What do the plants that grow on our land tell us about the land? The file below offers an interesting though by no means complete introduction to some possible indicators.

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The Natural Farming of Vegetables – Part Four

Companion Plants   If a weed is just a plant we have yet to find a use for, then crops and companion plants are weeds we have found uses for. We look at all the plants that grow, value one … Continue reading

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The Natural Farming of Vegetables – Part Three

The Vegetable Problem   Many people I have met over the years have been entranced by the utter purity of NF and while such enthusiasm is often necessary to the commitment required to see NF through, it is unfortunately an … Continue reading

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The Natural Farming of Vegetables – Part Two

How to Harvest from a Synergistic Garden   In our fields and gardens we try to harvest as much of the plants as possible and as many times as possible and return to the surface everything we do not eat. … Continue reading

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